A.  How would you complete this sentence,  The good life is …..?

        B.  It depends on the individual’s philosophy of life, doesn’t it?  Examples

             1.  To live for self.  Luke 12:16-21; Romans 6:23

             2.  To be accepted.  Matthew 6:1-2,5,16

             3.  To live for Christ.  Philippians 1:21

        C. The good life is to live according to the principles of  Jesus.  John 10:6-15

              door,          shepherd,                         pasture

    I.  Christian principles by which to live.

        A.  We must be exposed to Christian principles.  John 8:32

        B.  We must understand Christian principles.  2 Timothy 3:16-17

        C.  We must practice Christian principles.  James 1:22,25

   II.  The results of living by Christian principles.

         A.  Happiness that comes from God.  Reference to “Blessed” in Matthew 5:1-12

         B.  Abundance.  Luke 6:38; John 10:10; Message from Max Lucado

         C.  Real Living.  John 14:6,27; John 15:11; John 14:16-17


         A.  Question: 

         B.  F.P Adams wrote;  “And of all glad words of prose or rhyme, the gladdest are,
               act while there yet is time.”