A.  Let’s suppose that a young man says to his girlfriend, “I need a wife and I’d like
             for you to marry me.  I promise ……… but I can’t give you my heart.”

             1.  If you were that young lady, how would you react?

       B.  What about our relationship with God?

   I.  The fact that we must give our hearts to God if we are to have a relationship with him
        has always been true and always will be.

       A.  As Moses gave his last instructions to the second generation who left Egypt, he
             challenged them to do something their parents failed to do—to maintain their
             relationship with God.

             1.  Selected verses from Deuteronomy: (emphasis on the heart)

                  4:9 (149)- The Israelites were to let what they had seen live in their _____________.

                  4:39- Belonging to God began in their _________________.

                  5:29- God knew the Israelites’ __________

                  6:4-5- God’s greatest commandment ____________________________________
                  10:12- What God requires ______________________________________________

                  10:16- Circumcise your ___________________.

  II.  Do we have a God of the O. T. who wanted to be loved from the heart, but a God from the
        N. T. Who doesn’t?

        A.  If love isn’t in our relationship, there is no relationship.  Romans 6:17-18 (833

        B.  God circumcises the heart.  Colossians 2:9-12 (870)

Conclusion:  God desires worship and service from the heart.