Luke 14:15-24 (767)

          A.  Jesus had been invited to a supper by one of the rulers of the Pharisees.  Luke 14:1;
                Read Luke 14:15-24
          B.  One of the guests at the supper said in v15b, _______________________________.
          C.  Jesus responded to this remark with a warning.
          D.  Custom of inviting people to a Jewish supper.
          E.  Let’s consider the excuses these significant people made.

     I.  The first invited guest said (v18): ____________________________________________

          A.  This excuse represents the person who places business or the activities of life
                first. Examples:

          B.  One of the benefits of Sunday is that we are invited to come away from everyday
                activities to concentrate on worshipping God.  Hebrews 10:19-25 (888)

                1.  Benefits of worshipping God:
                     1.  Access to God.
                     2.  Drawing near to God.
                     3.  Holding fast our confession
                     4.  Considering one another.

    II.  The second man said (v19): _________________________________________________

          A.  This excuse represents the person who is obsessed with new possessions.

          B.  Our greatest need and “attraction” should be GOD.  Psalm 97:1-9 (466)

   III.  The third man said (v20):

          A.  The excuse given here represents the demand of the family.

          B.  The family is one of the most important responsibilities we have.  Ephesians 5:21-25,
                28,31,33 (866); 6:1-4

          C.  We can’t, however, put our family or family member ahead of Jesus in priority.  Luke

  Conclusion:  These excuses were reasonable to a degree.  What made them wrong was that the
  guests didn’t desire to attend.  Do we make excuses for not carrying out responsibilities that we
  have been given by God?  Then we need to repent.