Matthew 22:1-14 (722)


        A.  This story is about a man who came to a king’s feast in tribute to his son’s wedding
              without a wedding garment.  V12

        B.  He was removed.

        C.  This man was guilty of three faults.

    I.  He had no sense of what was suitable attire for the wedding feast.

        A.  This doesn’t teach that there is a dress code in order to worship God.

        B.  What about the heart?  1 Samuel 16:7

        C.  Our dresswear should show respect for God, The Great I Am.

  II.  This man had no sense of what was going on.  V2

        A.  Why are we present.  John 4:24 (782)

        B.  We should worship God because He is worthy.

              Psalm 96:1-9 (466)

              Psalm 99:1-5 (467)

              Psalm 89:7 (463)

III.  This man had no reverence.

        A.  When we worship God, He deserves our best.  Malachi 1:6-14 (697)

        B.  What about our talents, time, responsibilities, etc?

Conclusion:  As we worship God, do we give Him the proper respect and reverence because
                     He is worthy?