Matthew 21:33-44 (722)

       A.  The landowner represents God; the vineyard, the Nation of Israel; the vinedressers are
             rulers of Israel; the servants are the prophets; and the son represents Jesus.

       B.  Background:  God gave special care for the Nation of Israel, but the people rebelled over
             and over.

   I.  The parable emphasizes human privilege.

       A.  The owner had done everything for the vineyard (v33) just as God had done for Israel.
             They were privileged.

       B.  God has blessed us.  James 1:17 (892).  Examples:
             Ephesians 1:3 (863).  Examples:

       C.  Questions:  How am I using my privileges given by God?  Etc?

  II.  This parable stresses human freedom.

       A.  The owner left the vinedressers with the freedom to operate the vineyard (v33) just as
             God provided for the Nation of Israel.

       B.  We also have free will.  Question:
             Luke 9:23 (760)

III.  Jesus teaches us the patience of God.

       A.  Owner’s patience:  sent two groups of servants and his son.

       B.  God sent many prophets to warn Israel to repent.  He sent His Son for salvation and
             Most rejected Him.  They still had opportunity through Jesus to be saved.

       C.  God is patient with us.  2 Peter 3:9-15,17 (899)

IV.  Jesus teaches us the possibility of lost opportunity.  V43

       A.  The Jews should have been the people to carry the gospel to the world, but God replaced
             them with the Gentiles.

       B.  God will do the same to us if we refuse.  V44.  Example:

Closing: Invitation