2 Kings 17:22-27,29,32-34,38-41 (p316)

        A.  The nation of the Assyrians took control of the Northern Kingdom of Israel
              about 722 B. C. and most of the people were deported to Assyria.
        B.  Then the Assyrians imported those were  captured  from other countries to live
              in Samaria.
        C.  These people were religious but they were religiously wrong.  (read text)
        D.  Do you think that the Samaritans’ religion compares to our religion today?

    I.  The Samaritans practiced a religion of fear. 

        A.  Consider:  2 Kings 17:32,33
              1.  They had the wrong kind of fear.  Vv 26, 34

              2.  They would have never thought of God had it not been for the lions.
        B.  There is a proper fear of the Lord.  Acts 10:34-35 (811) ; Ecclesiastes 12:33-34
              1.  This fear is a reverential awe toward God that motivates us to turn away from
                   sin and serve God faithfully.  We find God so gracious and loving the we
                   will serve Him out of love and not a fear of judgment  1 John 4: 16-19 (901)

  II.  The Samaritans practiced a religion of form.

        A.  They went through the acts but their hearts were not in their worship to God.  2
              Kings 17:34-35
              1.  To go through the form of worship without the proper spirit and attitude is
                   hypocritical.  Matthew 15:7-9 (716)
              2.  Example using the avenue of singing:
              3.  Worship must be in spirit and truth.  John 4:24 (782)

  III.  The Samaritans practiced a religion of compromise.

        A.  The Samaritans attempted to worship God and idols.  2 Kings 17:41

              1.  They gave lip service to God and their hearts to the idols.
         B.  This can happen today.  Examples:
         C.  God doesn’t tolerate compromise.  Matthew 12:30


         A.  The Samaritans practiced a religion of fear, form and compromise.
         B.  Let’s be careful that our religion doesn’t become the same.