John 7:40-46


        A.  Many people enjoy and appreciate hearing the words of influential speakers.
              1.  President Abraham Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address.”
              2.  Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill.
              3.  Others.
         B.  But the words of Jesus were different from all the rest, and no one has ever
               Spoken on the same level.
         C.  The Sanhedrin Council asked  the officers , ……… The officers answered,

     I.  “No man ever spoke like this man.”

         A.  With such divine authority.  Matthew 7:28-29

               1.  Throughout the Sermon on the Mount.  Matthew 5: 21-22, 27-28, 38-39.

               2.  When giving the Great Commission.  Matthew 28:18-20

               3.  It is imperative for those who teach God’s word that they do so with respect
                    For Christ’s authority.  1 Peter 4:11

         B.  With such divine effect.

               1.  His words had power over nature.  Matthew 8:26-27; Mark 2: 1-12.

               2.  Has power over sin.  Luke 24:47; Acts 2:26-39.

               3.  Has power over death.  John 11:43-44.

         C.  With such simplicity.  Mark 12:37

         D.  With such kindness.  Luke 22:31-32

         E.  With such firmness.  Matthew 21:12-13

   II.  Why is it necessary for us to heed the words of Jesus?

         A.  Because He is the only ___________ to God.  John 14:6

         B.  Because we must ___________ His words to have salvation.  Mark 16:15-16

  Conclusion:  If you don’t have salvation??? ……………………………….