A.  Negligence is a habitual failure to do the required thing according to Webster’s New
               World Dictionary.

         B.  Examples from television news:

         C.  The Bible warns us about spiritual negligence.  James 4:17 (893)

         D.  Four reason this sin is dangerous.

     I.  Because of its deceptive nature.

         A.  We don’t have any problems recognizing certain sins.

         B.  What about the sin of omission?  James 4:17

   II.  Because it requires no effort.  Hebrews 2:3 (883); James 4:17 (893)

  III.  Because it lies at the root of other sins.  Proverbs 24:30-34 (500).

         A.  A cultivated field neglected.

         B.  Poem: “The Sin Of Omission.”

  IV.  Because the sin of negligence can cause us to be lost.  Matthew 25:31-33,
         41-46a (726)

         A.  Poem:  “A Busy Day” by Effie Perkins.


         A.  Review

         B.  Invitation