A.  Question for us:  Do I miss out on anything when I fail to worship God?

         B.  The answer depends a great deal on the value we have of God.

         C.  Our worship to God declares our worth of Him.  Low or high value; we can expect
               something.  Psalm 96:1-9 (466)

         D.  Let’s focus on four experiences of worshipping our great God.  Isaiah 6:1-8 (518)

     I.  We should experience a sense of God’s presence.  Vv1,8

         A.  One of the goals of worship is to connect with God.

               1.  Through the avenues of worship we experience God’s presence.

         B.  Think about it, if the President was in attendance would we put a little bit more effort
               to have a good showing?

         C.  Shouldn’t we be more concerned with impressing “The Great I Am” who is present?

   II.  We should experience a conviction of our sinfulness. 

         A.  Worship brings us close to God and this closeness should cause us to see ourselves as
               we really are.  Isaiah 6:5; Romans 3:23 (831)

  III.  We should experience a reminder of God’s amazing grace.  Isaiah 6:6-7 (518)

         A.  Who took Isaiah’s sins away?  Who takes our sins way?

               Ephesians 1:6-7 (863)
               Acts 2:36-38 (802)
               Romans 8:1 (834)
               1 John 1:7 (899)

          B.  Worship should remind us of the awesome God we serve.

   IV.  We should experience the inspiration to serve God.  Isaiah 6:8

           A.  Read comments; Romans 12:1-2 (847)

  Conclusion:  Review and invitation