Matthew 22:41-42 (723)


       A.  Jesus asked these Pharisees, “What do you think about the Christ?”

       B.  Our thoughts about Christ have eternal significance.  John 17:3 (796)

       C.  Let’s make the question that Jesus asked the Pharisees personal.  What do we think
             about Christ?

   I.  What do we think about the claims of Jesus Christ?

        A.  Do you believe? Do I believe?

              1.  His claim to be the savior of the world?  Matthew 1:21 (703); Luke 19:10 (771)

              2.  His claim to be the Son of God?  John 3:16-17; Matthew 16:13-19 (717)

              3.  His claim to have all spiritual authority in Heaven and on earth? Matthew 28:18(730

        B.  What should be the basis of our beliefs about Jesus Christ?

              1.  Our parents?

              2.  Our church?

              3.  Our preacher?

              4.  Our convictions?

   II.  What do we think about the commands of Christ for lost people?  (We have already noted
         that  belief in Jesus Christ is essential)

         A.  Do you believe?  Do I believe?

               1.  The command of Christ to repent?  Luke 24:45-53 (778); Acts 1:26-2:4(801)

               2.  The command to be baptized?  Acts 2:38


          A.  Why is it essential for us to believe that Jesus is the Christ and to obey His
                commands?  Acts 17:30-31 (818)