A.  The books of Matthew, Mark and Luke contain comments made by Jesus regarding
             blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 12:31-32 (713); Mark 3:28-30 (733); Luke
             12:10 (764)
       B.  I have designed our study to ask and answer questions about this sin.
       C.  First, let’s define the word “blaspheme.”  “To speak evil of,” to rail upon” according
             to the Greek lexicons.

  I.  What is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit?  Matthew 12:22-32 (713)

       A.  The willful and blatant act of attributing to satan (Beelzebub) that which was
              clearly a work of the Spirit.  Let’s walk through what happened:

             1.  Jesus healed a man demon-possessed,etc. and the multitudes were amazed (22-23)
             2.  Jesus claimed to cast out demons by the Spirit of God (28)
             3.  The Pharisees had witnessed miracles performed by Jesus (Mark 3:1-6 for example).
             4.  The Pharisees said in v24 that Jesus was casting out demons by the power of satan.
             5.  Jesus explained how that couldn’t be (25-28)
             6.  The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was claiming that Jesus performed miracles by
                  the power of satan.  V24; Mark 3:28-30 (733)  “Because they said, He has an
                  unclean spirit.

       B.  Blasphemy against the Spirit was a definite, singular sin, expressed verbally, that could be
             committed during the life of Jesus.

  II.  Is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit the unpardonable sin?

       A.  Our Lord said in Matthew 12:32 that the sin “will never be forgiven him, either in this
             age or in the age to come.”

             1.  “This age” might mean Jewish age or life on earth and “age to come” might mean
                  Christian age or life after death. Mark 3:29 gives this insight: never and eternal.

       B.  The ONLY sin in the Bible that is unpardonable is the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

       C.  All other sins and blasphemies can be forgiven.  Matthew 12:31; Mark 3:28-29; Acts 2:38-
             39 (802); 1 Timothy 1:12-13 (876)  Paul is an example.

Closing:  The blasphemy against the Holy Spirit was:
                This sin can ___________ be forgiven.

                                                          TO BE CONTINUED