Psalm 8:3-6 (432)


         A.  When David considered the splendors of God’s creation and the glory of God, he
               asked in v4 ______________________________________________________.

               1.  The words “man” and “son of man” refer to human beings.

               2.  Why would God look on humans with favor and bless?

               3.  After being created by God and placed in a beautiful garden with all that was
                    needed, mankind through sin lost relationship with God.

         B.  Let’s consider what mankind is and how God has spiritually blessed him.

         C.  The human being is

     I.  A triune (1Thessalonians 5:23, p874; Hebrews 4:12,p885) comprised of body, spirit
         and soul.

         A.  James 2:26a (893); Ecclesiastes 12:7 (511); Genesis 2:7 (2)

         B.  Spirit:  Part made in the image of God.  Part that relates with God.
         C.  Soul:  Conscience, intellect and emotions.

    II.  A steward.  Manages another person’s possessions.  Psalm 8:6; Genesis
         1:26-28 (1); 1 Timothy 6:7,17 (878)

   III.  A sinner in need of redemption.  Romans 3:23 (831); Romans 6:23 (833)

   IV.  A slave/servant.  Romans 6:16-18 (833); Romans 6:3-6
          Sin or righteousness

    V.  God’s creation on whom He has set His heart.  Job 7:17 (411); John 3:16-17; Romans
          5:8 (832)


     A.  Review

     B.  Invitation