Luke 14:15-24 (767)

        A.  Jesus had been invited to a supper by one of the rulers of the Pharisees (14:1).

              1. One of the guests commented on the blessing of eating bread in the kingdom of God,
                  and Jesus responded with a parable.  Luke 14:15-24

        B.  In v15 one of the guests commented to Jesus, ________________________________

        C.  Jesus used the custom of the Jewish supper and made a spiritual application.  Vv16-17

              1.  Background of inviting people to Jewish supper.

        D.  Jesus said that the invited guests made excuses, which was considered to be an insult.

    I.  The first excuse is in v18_______________________________________________

        A.  This excuse represents the person who places business or the activities
              of life first.  Examples:

        B.  One of the values of Sunday is that we are invited to come away from routine activities
              to concentrate on worshipping God.  Hebrews 10:19-25 (888)

  II.  The second excuse is in v19 ______________________________________________

        A.  This excuse represents the person who is obsessed with new possessions.

        B.  Our greatest need and attraction is God.  Psalm 97:1-9 (466)

  III.  The third excuse is in v20 __________________________________________________

        A.  Represents the demand of  the family.

        B.  Ephesians 5:21-25,28,31,33 (866); 6:1-4


        A.  The excuses were reasonable to a degree.

        B.  What made them wrong?  Luke 14:25-33 (767);  Luke 14:15 and Luke 14:24

        C.  Do you need to repent?