A.  In Matthew 16:18, Jesus announced to His apostles that He would build His church.
              Read Matthew 16:13-19 (717)
              1.  Jesus said that the gates of Hades would not prevail against His church.
              2.  Christ was the one person whom the gates of Hades (unseen realm of the dead)
                   couldn’t shut in.
        B.  Christ has preserved is church through the years.
              1.  As members of the local church, we belong to the church of Christ.
        C.  What qualities do we need to be successful and promote God’s plan?

   I.  We need to be a church that __________ the truth.

        A.  Let’s focus on Acts 2:41-47 (802).
              1.  The new converts practiced:
                   the apostles’ doctrine-
                   the apostles’ fellowship-
                   the breaking of bread-
              2.  Questions:  Do I ____________________________________________________

        B.  Article:  “Strange, Isn’t it?”

  II.  We need to be a church that ______________.

        A.  We must take a bold stand.  Acts 4:13-20 (803)
              1.  against opposition
              2.  against false doctrine
              3.  against worldliness
        B.  Article:  “We Need People” compliments of Abilene Christian Univ. Basketball

  III.  We need to be a church that _________ God’s plan of salvation.

        A.  Jesus told His apostles in Luke 24:44-48 (778)
        B.  Obedience to His directions.  Acts 2:1-5,14,36-41, 47 (801-802)
        C.  Question: _______________________________________________________
              1.  Reason we can’t compromise plan of salvation.  Example of false plan

  Closing:  We must all ‘pull together’ and pray for success.  Ephesians 4:15-16 (865)

                                                     TO BE CONTINUED