Matthew 25:34 (726)


         A.  The goal of everyone here should be to receive eternal life.

               1.  Our Lord said in Matthew 25:34:

               2.  A reference to hymn number 645, a popular song:

         B.  What will have contributed to our joy when the saints go marching into eternity?

    I.  It will be because someone was concerned for our soul.

         A.  Our Heavenly Father has provided for our redemption through the sacrifice of
               Jesus.  Ephesians 1:6-7 (863)

               1.  Someone/others taught us.  Matthew 28:18-20

   II.  If we are saved it will be because of God’s power to save.  Romans 1:16-17 (830);
         Romans 6:17-18

  III.  If we enter eternity it will be because of God’s grace.  Ephesians 2:1-10 (864)

  IV.  If we are saved it will be because we obeyed God’s plan of salvation.  2 Thess.
         1:8-10 (875); Acts 8:27-39 (808)

   V.  If we are saved on the Day of Judgment it will be because we remained faithful
         to God.  Revelation 2;8-11 (906)

         1.  Instruction:  “Be faithful until death”

         2.  Promise:  “The crown of life”

Conclusion:  Matthew 25:34