Psalm 84 (461)


       A.  Why do we assemble to worship God?  A few more questions:

       B.  Psalm 84, written by the sons of Korah, conveys the idea of people making a
             pilgrimage to the temple to worship God. 

   I.  We understand that these people had a desire to worship the Lord.  Vv1-4

       A.  The authors longed to be in God’s house and in God’s presence.  V2

       B.  They illustrated in v3.

       C.  Question for each of us:  Do I desire to worship God?

  II.  Because of these people’s desire to worship God, they made their way to the temple.

       A.  There is no imposition to worship God when we love Him.

       B.  Worshipping God gives us strength.  Vv5-7

       C.  Several benefits from worshipping God.  Hebrews 10:19-25 (888)

             V22:  We draw near to God.

             V23:  Our profession of faith is strengthened.

             V24:  We encourage one another to love and good works.

III.  These people had the proper appreciation for worshipping God.  Vv10-12

        A.  Question:  Do we receive joy and satisfaction from worshipping God?

        B.  Illustration


        A.  As Children of God we should desire to worship our Heavenly Father, make
              the effort and appreciate every opportunity.