A.  Years ago Max Patterson asked members of the church to write reasons they thought
              people didn’t desire to do God’s will.

              1.  The question was stimulated by the words of Jesus in John 7:17 (786)

              2.  Over 1000 members responded.

        B.  Let’s look at three reasons given.

    I.  The most mentioned reason was worldly pleasures.

        A.  Christianity doesn’t coincide with worldly pursuits.  Examples:

              1.  It’s impossible to live according to the principles of Christianity while pursing the
                   pleasures od sin.  Matthew 6:24 (707); Matthew 12:30 (712); Ecclesiastes 2:1-11
                   (505); Matthew 16:26 (717)

        B.  Where should we place our emphasis as Christians?  Romans 12:1-2 (837); Phil. 4:8

  II.  Another reason given as to why people didn’t do God’s will was selfishness.

        A.  The “Me” concept can produce pride and lead to selfishness.

              1.  The church in Laodicea.  Revelation 3:14-19 (907)

              2.  Those Christians were told to be zealous and repent.
                   Revelation 3:19

III.  A third reason was indifference.

       A.  A simple definition is just not caring.  Examples:

             1.  The Christians in Laodicea.  Revelation 3:14-16,19.

             2.  What were those Christians told to do?  Revelation 3:19


       A.  Review

       B.  To bring awareness should be sufficient.  Victor Hugo said:  “People do not lack
             strength; they lack will.”