Ecclesiastes 7:11-29 (508)

        A.  Since Solomon was the wisest person, except for Jesus, to ever live, let’s learn from
              what he has written about wisdom.

   I.  The value of wisdom from God.  Vv11-12

        A.  Wisdom is:

              1.  An inheritance (vv11-12): _____________________________________

              2.  A defense (c12): ________________________________________

  II.  Consider the works of God.  Vv13-14

        A.  We must learn that God is in control and respond to conditions and circumstances as
               best we can.

  III.  Observations and admonitions from Solomon.  Vv15-18

         A.  What seemed to be unjust.  V15

         B.  Self righteousness.  V16; Luke 18_10-14 (770)

         C.  Foolishness  v17

         D.  Those who fear God will ‘come out on top.” V18

  IV.  Other benefits from true wisdom.  Vv19-22

         A.  Strength (v19) etc.

   V.  The folly of human wisdom.  Vv23-29

         A.  Solomon put wisdom to the test (vv23-25) and found that it was far away.
         B.  “A woman more bitter than death”  (Probably a personification of human wisdom) 
               See Proverbs 1:20-33 (486)

         C.  Humans fell away from God through their own doing.  V29

  Conclusion:  When we consider the conditions and circumstances of humans, we should realize
                       the need for wisdom from God.