Matthew 2:1-2 (703)


          A.  These men have often been thought of as a part of the Christmas season, although
                they arrived at the house of Joseph and Mary well over a year later.
          B.  We don’t know a great deal about them.
                1.  How many were there?  Who were they?  Where were they from?
          C.  We do know they were called wise men.  Why?  How can we be just as wise?

      I.  These men were wise because they searched for Jesus.  Matthew 2:2

           A.  It was generally expected that about that time a ruler would be divinely appointed.
                 Matthew 2:4-6; v6 is a quote from Micah 5:2 concerning the birth of Jesus.

                 1.  We don’t know how much scripture these men knew, but they knew enough to
                      want to find Jesus.

           B.  Have you found Jesus?  John 14:6 (793)

     II.  These men were wise because they were also determined to find Jesus.  Matthew

           A.  Their determination:  Their journey was long, costly and difficult.
           B.  They refused to be sidetracked.  Matthew 2:7-8.  Example:

           C.  Are you determined in your search for Jesus?

                 1.  Don’t let obstacles stop you.  Luke 8:11-12 (758); 1 Peter 5:8 (897); 1 John 2:16

                 2.  Let’s submit to God’s will.  Luke 9:23-26 (760)

    III.  These men were wise because they worshipped Jesus.  Matthew 2:11 (704)

           A.  They bowed down, worshipped and gave gifts.

                Gold was a gift fit for royalty.  Frankincense was ……… and represents the holiness
                of Jesus.  Myrrh was …….. and prophetic of the sacrifice of Christ.

           B.  Do we give ourselves to God in faith and worship?  John 4:24 (782)

Conclusion:  How wise are you?  The wise men were wise because_______________________