Nehemiah 2:17-18 (389)


        A.  Background information
              1.  Nehemiah was the cupbearer for the Persian King Artaxerxes.  Neh. 1:11
              2.  He received a message about deplorable conditions in Jerusalem.  Neh. 1:2-3
              3.  King Artaxerxes granted Nehemiah the permission to see to the need.  Neh. 2:5-8

        B.  It’s important for us to work together to accomplish God’s work.  Neh. 2:17-18

   I.  We must first recognize that there is a need.

       A.  Any needs?

       B.  Nehemiah and his workers identified the need to rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem.
             Neh. 2:17-18

  II.  We must have the proper attitude toward the need.

       A.  Nehemiah’s response.  Neh. 1:3-4

       B.  His workers’ response.  Neh. 2:18; 4:6

III.  We must pray to our Heavenly Father about the need.  Neh. 1:5-11; 4:9

IV.  We must work together under the mighty hand of God.  Neh. 2:18-20; Philippians 1:
       3-6 (867)

  V.  We must work together with each one doing his/her part.  Neh. 3:  1-6,etc; 4:6

       T ogether     Neh. 4:6

       E veryone     Neh. 3

       A chieves     Neh. 4:6

       M ore     Neh. 4:6

Conclusion:  Review.  Nehemiah 2:17-18