Psalm 95:1-7a (466)

  A. Worshipping God is a tremendous privilege.
  B. We worship God because He is worthy of our worship and we are His
  children. Psalm 95:1-7a (466)
  C. Worship is a time to express our reverence to God. Psalm 89:6-7 
  (463); Hebrews 12:28-29 (891). Reverence is a feeling or attitude of
  deep respect, love, and awe;veneration. (Webster's New World Dict.)

  I. Reverence for God develops out of a saved relationship with God.
  Galatians 3:26-27 (861)

  A. We must know God. John 17:1-3 (796)

  1. Know: hear-say or personally?
  2. How do you know God?

  B. We must love God. Matthew 22:35038 (723); Psalm 111:1 (473)

  1. When we worship God we express our love to Him. Example: 
  2 Corinthians 9:6-7

  C. We must present our bodies as living sacrifices. Romans 12:
  1-2 (837)

  D. Live with God, love and appreciate God (provide a foundation for the
  reverential worship of God.

  II. Our expression of reverence for God during public worship requires 
  A. Example: Exodus 3:4-6 (45)

  III. Worshipping God with reverence requires thoughtful participation.
  John 4:24 (782)

  A. In truth:

  B. In spirit.

Conclusion: 1) Excerpts from Charles Spurgeon 2) Our worship to God is an 
  expressed attitude of reverence. Psalm 29:2